Develop your scalable rental application

In the rental business, efficiency is your competitive advantage. Build your rental software to take control over usage, orders and create a modern customer experience.

Increase utilization rate of your assets

To create a high ROI, you need to increase the usage of your rental equipment. Implement your business logic in your code to succeed.

Create high customer satisfaction with modern UI

Users today are used to high-quality UI and UX when using a rental application. Make sure you adhere to these standards with the open source Kickstarter frontend.

Our customers love their high quality web & mobile applications

Helm logo
An individual customer portal with ROQ
Improved customer experience - provided at the agreed time and within the set budget.
Customer Portal
Voly - Australian Quick Commerce
Building a Sequoia-funded quick commerce startup with ROQ
Speed matters: The Australian startup build a food delivery app in a very short time with ROQ.
Delivery Platform
Quick Commerce
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