User management that puts your customers first. 

From sign-up through purchase, create a great experience for both you and your users. Set up individual user profiles, including avatars, time zones, and language preferences.


Since users are the core of every SaaS application, managing them efficiently and individually is crucial. ROQ enables your SaaS application to offer an powerful user management.

  • For user onboarding, you can use the user invite feature: You can decide to only invite new users yourself, for example in the early days of your product. You can also use it to empower users to invite their team members.

  • With the user group feature, you can model organizational structures in your application – one of the most important use cases in B2B SaaS applications.

  • It also features a powerful user management to administer your users and provide customer service with a UI to see user details or reset password.

  • The feature also contains user profiles, where users can enter their information and upload profile pictures.

  • All of these integrate closely with our authentication and authorization features


Enjoy a clear overview of all your users, their roles and groups, as well as individual settings. You can easily invite new users to your SaaS application or delete unneeded users in a GDPR compliant matter. What makes our user management stand out is the close integration with authentication, user groups, and access management features.

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