Translate your entire SaaS application with ease.

ROQ offers a solution for managing textual content for your SaaS application in multiple languages. You can easily edit and maintain the content using ROQ’s console, while a robust API allows you to fetch the text seamlessly within your project. This means you can have all your localization needs covered with ROQ, making your project more accessible and user-friendly.

  • Multi-language support
  • Variables can be embedded
  • User-friendly UI to manage translations


All of our UI components are multi-language ready and allow you to easily make your application available in any language.

  • Access multi-language UI components

  • Translate all your content

  • Manage all translations


Add and manage all the languages in which you want to deliver your application to your users. Select default languages and translate your entire application. Specify unique translations on your own and set rules how to translate certain key objects like CTAs, headers, etc.