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The Kickstarter Application

Start your web application with the fully functional and customizable Kickstarter App under MIT Open Source license. The frontend offers a modern UI and is perfectly aligned with the backend.

Use this state of the art tech-stack or build the application on your own.

MIT Open Source License

The MIT License is known as the most permissive open source license. We give you the kickstarter app under MIT with no strings attached, so you can use it without worrying about IP. What you build shall be yours.

MIT Open Source License
With our application being licensed via MIT Open Source, everything you develop belongs to you. Forever.
Modern User Interface
Use a fully responsive, customizable User Interface based on the world’s most used componend library Material UI.
Ready to go on day 1
ROQ One uses state-of-the-art technologies and is always up to date. Your developers will love its clean code and modern architecture.

Build your SaaS application on a state of the art techstack

By using a techstack purely based on Javascript, your entire engineering team speaks the same language. Essentially, your engineers are able to communicate easily and operate as fullstack engineers.

ROQ One Frontend

The beautiful and modern user interface

ROQ One Frontend gives you a client-side application that offers a modern and responsive user interface based on SaaS best practices. Out of the box, the front-end comes with an advanced data table solution (sorting and filtering) and SEO readiness with server-side rendering.

ROQ One Backend

Modular backend architecture

The ROQ One Backend is your server-side application that holds the API, business logic and persistence layer. It is based on the modular framework Nest.js, Apollo Server and TypeORM.

ROQ One explained in 2 minutes

Praveen Koka, Director Engineering at ROQ, explains how the Kickstarter Application helps you build your web application faster than ever.

The Open Source application for your project

ROQ One is licensed under the MIT Open Source license. This way, your code belongs to you. Always.

Code Generator

Automatically generate the code for your GraphQL APIs

We have developed hundreds of GraphQL APIs over the last years and found a way to automate the repetitive parts of API development. To help you focus on what really differentiates your product, you can use our code generator to quickly build GraphQL APIs.

Customize what makes your web application stand out

Web applications need to stand out. The unique business logic and your individual CI make you stand out from the crowd. You can easily customize the CI and build your own business logic with ROQ One.

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