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ROQ Cloud (beta)

Serverless Cloud Infrastructure

With our platform-as-a-service environment, you get started with zero configuration efforts and build on a highly reliable, scalable and secure infrastructure. You can also choose to host your application wherever you like.

High-end setup
Don’t worry about infrastructure. ROQ Cloud offers a high-end setup that is reliable, built to scale, based on latest security standards and fully managed.
Perfect for hosting the Kickstarter App
ROQ Cloud is neatly tailored to our Kickstarter Application. It comes with automated deployment, CI / CD Pipeline and logging out of the box.
Instantly ready
Deliver services with speed and reliability from the closest region to the users.
Director Engineering, ROQ Technology

“ROQ Cloud is a state-of-the-art infrastructure provisioning that allows you to go from prototype to production without having to think about reliability, scalability and security.”

Ahmed Sohaib -- Director Infrastructure, ROQ Technology

We leverage Google Cloud, a global cloud champion

Using Google Cloud, your application runs on the same infrastructure as Google’s end-user products like Google Search, Gmail and YouTube etc.

Seamless Provisioning

Quickly spin up a new fully autonomous and fully managed environment via Click-to-Deploy with zero configuration or need to install the infrastructure - it just works. We leverage the power of Terraform, the most widely used open-source infrastructure as code software.

Development to Production at your fingertips

Write code your way to build the web app with your favorite dependencies and tools, and deploy them rapidly. Get a proven CI / CD pipeline from the beginning.

Enhanced Developer Experience

App development and deployment are simpler and faster with access to everything needed for an enhanced end-to-end developer experience.

Want another Cloud Provider?

ROQ Cloud is based on an open-source serverless technology (Knative) that allows you to use it under your own cloud provider. In comparison Heroku or Vercel, you are free to choose your cloud provider.

ROQ Cloud is currently available on Google Cloud Platform. We are working on making it available on Amazon Web Service and Microsoft Azure. Feel free to contact our infrastructure team to learn more about it.