Build an in-app chat that is secure and scalable

ROQ's chat system is a messaging interface that allows users to communicate through a secure socket connection in real-time. It can be easily integrated into any application and customized to fit your specific needs, allowing for a wide range of flexibility and functionality.


Drive user engagement and connect your users through your in-app chat to provide a secure and scalable message center.

  • Enable users to chat 1:1 or in groups

  • Embed files into the chat

  • Add, delete, and archive chats

UI Components

// Next.js app
import { ChatProvider, Chat }
from "@roq/ui-react";

<ChatProvider> <Chat/> </ChatProvider>


Our chat system allows users to have conversations with multiple users simultaneously, making it easy to collaborate and communicate with others.
The ability to upload files in a chat system can be helpful in various ways. It allows users to share documents, images, and other media types directly within the chat interface, making it easier to collaborate and communicate with others.
The bell symbol lets users stay up-to-date on their conversations and not miss any important updates or messages. It also helps to ensure that the user can quickly and easily access their chat messages, as they will be notified as soon as a new message arrives.