Your In-App Notifications and Emails out of the box!

ROQ's notifications enable you to notify your users in real-time via channels like in-app, SMS, and traditional e-mails. 

Key Capabilities

ROQ's notifications enable you to notify your users or user groups on various channels:

  • In-app notifications are loaded in real-time using a socket connection directly from your web app using our beautiful UI components.

  • Notifications via SMS to the mobile phones of your users

  • Traditional e-mails.

Users can define their preferences for every type of notification. For instance, alerts can be retrieved via push message, while product updates are delivered via e-mail.

Add the <NotificationModal/> component to your React app and style it as you like. Then trigger new notifications via the notify() API, and you are all done.

Can be integrated in minutes

// Next.js app
import { NotificationModal  } from '@roq/ui-react';

return <NotificationModal />; 


ROQ's notifications allow users to choose which types of notifications they want to receive and through which channels they want to receive them. Users can tailor their notification preferences to fit their specific needs and preferences

Manage the feature in the console

In the console, you edit your notification channels and templates with ease. Name your notification, assign it to a notification group, and write a short description. Choose from five different channels to send out notifications to your users and configure message templates for each individually.