Drag & drop uploader and file handling API.

Leverage an easy-to-use file uploader and powerful APIs to upload, modify, and restrict any file of your SaaS application.


Allow your users to upload, download, and delete files. Specify which roles are allowed to view which files.

  • Upload, download, and delete files using the UI component

  • Share files privately which are only visible or editable to specific roles

  • Relate files to specific entities

UI Components

 onUploadFail={function noRefCheck() {
 onUploadSuccess={function noRefCheck() {

Functionalities Upload

On each category of files, you can define the allowed type (e.g. images) and maximum file size. This can be useful in preventing the upload of large or inappropriate files.
Users can select and upload multiple files at once rather than uploading them one at a time. This can be useful when the user needs to upload many files, as it can save time and effort compared to uploading each file individually.
ROQ's file associations are valuable for developers looking to simplify relating files with other entities in their projects. Instead of implementing a separate table to hold the relationships between files and other objects, developers can use our tool to link files directly to any entity within the project.
ROQ's file management includes setting the visibility of files to either public or private. This means you can control who has access to each file and customize the permissions for different roles. With the option to set files to be public, you can make them available to anyone with the link, allowing you and your users to easily share files with a wider audience. Alternatively, you can set files to be private, restricting access to only those users who have been granted permission.

Manage the feature in the console

Files can be viewed and managed in the console.