Add pre-built features to your web application

Enrich the functionality of your web application by integrating ROQ's ready-to-use User Management, Billing, and Communication features.

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Avoid spending too much time on developing features like user management, billing & communication, that does not set your app apart from the competition. According to statistics, approximately 60% of a startup's time is expended on non-differentiating code, so focus your efforts on creating your secret sauce instead.

ROQ leverages ready-to-use UI React components with GraphQL API's that provide you with all the features that your users expect.

Authentication & User Management

Enhance your application with smooth signup & user management

Get a complete & customizable authentication system, with social sign-in, user invites, SSO and much more.


Full back-office customer control & management

Roq gives you an overview of all your users, their roles and groups, as well as individual settings. What makes our user management stand out is the close integration with authentication, user groups, and access management features.

Access management

Easily build fine-grained authorization into your SaaS

Set up user roles with granular scope of their permissions in a matter of minutes.


Increase Engagement & Productivity

ROQ's notifications enable you to notify your users in real-time on various channels, like in-app, SMS, push messages, and traditional e-mails.


Secure, Reliable & Scalable Messaging Interface

ROQ’s chat system is a fully-fledged messaging interface that lets your app’s users chat in real-time. The chat UI components provide a rich-text editor for messages and also enable file uploads.

File Management

Easy-to-use file management

Leverage an easy-to-use file uploader and powerful APIs to upload, modify, and restrict any file of your SaaS application.


A fully translated SaaS, the simple way

Everything you need to translate, display and manage your multilingual SaaS, with full editing control.

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