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This is how ROQ works

With ROQ, developers and startup founders can build their web applications faster than ever. These short videos give a quick look into how the Kickstarter Application, the Feature-as-a-Service solution and the Code Generator help you build your web app.

ROQ One: The starting point for your web app

ROQ One is your fully functional and customizable Kickstarter Application. Use the responsive SaaS frontend and the server-side backend and code your business logic on top of it. It is perfectly integrated with the features from ROQ Platform.

ROQ Platform: All features your web app needs

Every web application needs the same essentials. The feature-as-a-service solution, ROQ Platform, offers them out-of-the-box via GraphQL APIs.

Don’t waste time developing commodities but build what makes your business stand out.

The Console: The place to manage your web app

The console is the holistic interface to manage your web application. Configure the features you integrated via API, manage your environments and databases, and monitor any potential anomalies or errors.

The Code Generator: Automate the development of GraphQL APIs

Building an API is time consuming and involves many repetitive tasks. We found a way to automate the development of GraphQL APIs.

This way, you get a working GraphQL backend in no time and can start developing your frontend right away.