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Otto's financial health platform is part of Sequia Arc

Otto is closing a substantial gap in today's digital finance landscape: giving employees access to financial health and thus alleviating financial stress.

The platform for financial education

Otto offers its customers low-threshold access to financial and investment expertise. Democractising financial health, Otto offers their platform as an employee benefit to companies.

The Otto platform allows employees to gain transparency over their entire financial lives, educate themselves through a comprehensive curriculum and get advice from top-class financial advisors and coaches.

With ROQ, on day 1, Otto focused creating valur for their customers

Not having to develop all the essential features from scratch allowed Otto to build their business logic, create content for the curriculum, and improve their product. On their platform, the users schedule meetings, upload documents, check the curriculum and much more.
User Management
User Interface
Access Control Management (ACL)
Message Center
Appointment scheduling
File Management

"Getting the first application up and running with a scalable architecture played a major role in becoming part of the accelerator program by Sequoia."

Jan-Erwin Thomas, Otto

About Otto.

Otto is a London based startup offering a financial wellbeing health & wellbeing platform for employees. After their Pre Seed round with backed by Flash Ventures, Otto is now part of the prestigous Sequoia Arc catalyst program.

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