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The operating system for construction sites

With their innovative technology, FlexcavoOS raised more than 15m$ to hellp construction companies digitally manage their fleets and decrease downtime.

Digitization construction sites is finally happening

Construction businesses often lack detailed data about where their construction machinery is and when they need to be repaired. As a result, construction machines usually have a high downtime.

FlexcavoOS enables customers to rent construction equipment easily and in real time. Additional services such as insurance and CO2 compensation are also included in the platform.

The Flexcavo founders started building their complex web application without having a CTO in the team. The ROQ software and network of developers helped them to get started.

"Building a scalable web application without having the tech team in place is not possible. The ROQ team helped us to define the requirements, put a tech team in place and develop the software based on their technology."

Leonhard Fricke, Co-founder, Flexcavo


seed funding acquired


months from start to go-live


government grant for sustainable construction

Flexcavo focused on building their business logic from day 1

Flexcavo was able to focus on building their rental business logic from day one. For the essential features, Flexcavo took advantage of the proven ROQ tech stack. By using these features, you can build your operating system in no time.
User Management
User Interface
Access Control Management (ACL)
Purchase and payment function
Custom Event Tracking

About Flexcavo

Flexcavo is a ConTech startup based in Berlin, Germany, that drives digitization in the construction industry. Flexcavo's SaaS solutions make it easier for construction companies to get started with digital fleet management, construction site and cost documentation and more.

The startup raised more than 16M $ to fuel their growth.

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