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Voly - Australian Quick Commerce

Building a Sequoia-funded quick commerce startup with ROQ

Speed matters: The Australian startup build a food delivery app in a very short time with ROQ.

Delivery Platform
Quick Commerce

Fast, faster, VOLY

The quick commerce market was in a gold-rush mood in 2021, and Australia was no exception. The young startup VOLY with the founders Mark Heath and Thibault Henry saw the opportunity to conquer the market with a head start by quickly developing a food delivery platform. At that time, the startup was still in its infancy and consisted of the core team around the founders.

Developing a functioning and scalable food delivery app in the shortest possible time was therefore a major challenge. While the staffing of product and engineering teams was still underway, development of the VOLY app had already begun. Working with ROQ, VOLY was nevertheless able to develop a comprehensive app that maps the entire purchasing process in a very short time:

  • Placing orders via the VOLY app

  • Track order status and arrival time in real time

  • Users receive updates as push notifications via the VOLY app

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Shorter time-to-market with ROQ

To compete in the highly competitive market environment of quick or on-demand commerce, timing is critical - and not just when it comes to delivery. By quickly implementing its food delivery app with ROQ, VOLY was able to shorten its time-to-market. A trump card against the numerous, international competitors such as Gorillas, Jokr, Gopuff, Getir or Zapp.

With the ROQ suite, VOLY was able to build on a strong software foundation and devote more resources to other areas such as purchasing, hiring and category management.

"Kickstarting the development of the VOLY app and getting a head start to the market was essential for us. With the help of ROQ, we were able to launch our platform incredibly quickly."
Mark Heath, co-founder & co-CEO VOLY

How the ROQ Suite saves development effort

The ROQ Suite bundles the basic functionalities of an application. Despite a small development team, VOLY was able to directly take care of the individualization of the store system, the development of the smartphone app for end users, and the realization of complex functions such as the geographic clustering of orders.

These functions were realized with ROQ in the VOLY app:

  • Mobile app development based on React Native.

  • Purchase and payment function in the VOLY app

  • Order management including tracking (expected arrival time of the order)

  • Product search

  • Custom Event Tracking (Facebook & Firebase)

  • Push notifications

  • Customized store system

  • Classification of customer addresses into delivery areas (based on geodata in KML format)

  • Real-time geographic tracking of delivery (KML format)

  • After-sales: feedback & surveys after ordering

"Not only the ROQ software, also the ROQ team really brought us forward in huge steps. Thank you for the incredible work and effort!"
Mark Heath, co-founder & co-CEO VOLY

The client: VOLY

The Australian startup VOLY is the pioneer in the Australian quick commerce market. Within 15 minutes, the "on-demand supermarket" delivers to the customer's home. Speed was also the decisive factor when entering the market: founded only in 2021, VOLY was the first quick commerce company in Australia.

In December 2021, VOLY secured $13 million in funding from Sequoia Capital, whose early investments in companies such as Google, YouTube, WhatsApp, and Paypal have made them legends in tech finance.

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