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Flexcavo rental
Flexcavo - Rent construction machinery in real-time

Customized platform for ConTech startup by ROQ

German construction sites have hardly been digitized to date - Flexcavo aimes to change this.

Construction Tech

German construction sites have hardly been digitized to date. Documenting or recording costs is cumbersome and companies often lack an overview of their own construction machinery fleet.

As a result, construction machines usually have a high downtime. The ConTech startup (Construction Technology) Flexcavo has developed the digital platform FlexcavoOS, which enables construction companies to digitally manage their fleet.

With FlexcavoOS, higher utilization of the machine fleet is achieved, which increases the profitability of the fleet.

  • An important component of FlexcavoOS is the rental of construction machinery:

  • Customers can rent wheel loaders, excavators, vibratory plates and co. in real time

  • Customers can pick up construction machinery or have it delivered

  • Flexcavo handles the entire rental process, including payment, additional services and return.

How Flexcavo benefits from the ROQ platform

FlexcavoOS enables customers to rent construction equipment easily and in real time. Payment and user management functions are available for rental and return. Additional services such as insurance and CO2 compensation are also included in the offer. Flexcavo was able to focus on the complex rental logic from day one. For the standard functions, Flexcavo took advantage of the proven ROQ tech stack and didn't have to build everything from scratch.

Why the ROQ platform?

The ROQ platform bundles business-critical functions for web application development. For projects like FlexcavoOS, it can draw on frequently requested functionalities, for example:

  • Infrastructure: scalable, reliable and cost-efficient cloud-based hosting in the country of your choice, CI/CD pipelines, etc.

  • Authorization & user management (login, registration, forgotten password)

  • Ready-to-use user interface

Web app development is more efficient due to the ready-to-use "construction kit": Development costs can be saved and the time-to-market is shortened. The end result is a scalable web application that is adapted to the individual needs of the company. Proven programming languages (Node.js, React) increase the probability of success and ultimately the quality:

  • Proven, scalable tech stack (Node.js, React).

  • Reduced development time / Shorter time-to-market

  • Cost savings

Flexcavo Company Profile

Flexcavo is a ConTech startup based in Berlin, Germany, that drives digitization in the construction industry. Flexcavo's SaaS solutions make it easier for construction companies to get started with digital fleet management, construction site and cost documentation and more. The startup closed a financing round in 2021 with 6.4 million euros.

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