Accelerate Your Customer Portal Implementation

At the core, customer portals share a lot of functionality with other types of B2B SaaS applications – such as B2B user and account management or access management.

However, the key feature of customer portals is a deep integration in other IT systems and making their data available. The key mission is to keep these sensitive information secure.

ROQ helps here with the secure authentication functionalities and a very comprehensive user and access management solutions. 

Secure Authentication

Authentication is essential to every application. In the recent years the threshold has continuously increased – the customer demands more convenience whilst the security cannot be compromised.

With ROQ you can ensure best-in-class user experience while making sure that only the right users have access to the system. With ROQ, you can eailsy add advanced security mechanisms to your application:

  • Registration & Login

  • (Manual) Account Confirmation

  • User Invite

  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

  • Social Sign-In

  • Passwordless

Access Management

Make sure that a user can only see what he is supposed to:

ROQ's access managment features helps to reduce risk, to speed up development time, and to provide a better way to understand, track and manage access to your SaaS application.