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Build your web application faster than ever

Stop developing the same things over and over again. In your next web application, you should focus on what makes your business really stand out. Start with the Open Source Kickstarter App, integrate the out of the box features, and build your web app faster than ever.

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Alphalist CTO Podcast Offer

Get the technology for free for 3 months

Listeners of the Alphalist CTO Podcast get access to the technology for free for 3 months. Join our Tech Leadership Program, get a free CTO sparring, and develop the web app that really makes a difference.

Successful startups start their journey with ROQ

The operating system for construction sites
With their innovative technology, FlexcavoOS raised more than 15m$ to help construction companies digitally manage their fleets and decrease downtime. The operating system is built with ROQ.
Voly - Australian Quick Commerce
Building a Sequoia-funded quick commerce startup with ROQ
With the help of ROQ, within 3 months, VOLY was ready to enter the market with their scalable quick commerce application.
Otto. Logo
Otto’s financial health platform is part of Sequia Arc
Otto is closing a substantial gap in today’s digital finance landscape: giving employees access to financial health and thus alleviating financial stress.
Leveling up e-commerce with a conversation storefront
Why do people still buy in regular retail stores? Mostly because they get personal consultation. With their platform built on ROQ, Amazd brings this USP into the e-commerce world.

Get your web application off the ground faster than ever

Start building your app on day 1
No need to set up the basics. Code your business logic on top of a powerful kickstarter app with all essential features you need.
Get a 1:1 tech sparring
You get a free 1:1 session with Fabian or Tim to discuss your approach and benefit from their experience.
You own everything without any vendor lock-in
Everything you develop belongs to you. You maintain full flexibility and the freedom to continue developing your application with any team you like.
Fabian Wesner - Co-Founder & Ex CTO Spryker, Ex Rocket Internet CTO, Ex Project A CTO

"The most important steps for building a great tech startup are hiring the right tech team and choosing the appropriate tech stack. This takes a lot of time and we all made mistakes before.

This is why we initiated the Tech Leadership Program. Let's discuss your approach in a 1:1 sparring and evaluate how you can launch your web app faster than ever.”

Fabian Wesner, Alphalist member, Co-Founder Spryker, Ex Rocket Internet & Project A CTO
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