WELT: Former Rocket CTOs cash in millions for their app construction kit

Gründerszene article about ROQ's beginnings and funding.

Web Development

Developing a web application is no easy task. For companies, it all too often means designing all the elements and functions on the drawing board and implementing them from scratch. The cost of development and developer time is high - and anyone who has done an enterprise-level IT project knows that it rarely stays within the estimated cost and time.

Yet valuable developer time is repeatedly spent on features that have already been developed thousands of times by companies in similar situations. Why aren't features like login, email notifications, or search functions simply customized to meet specific needs instead of designed from scratch? This is exactly where ROQ comes in.

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Flexible like self-developed, modular like a low-code kit

The ROQ Suite solves this task by providing core functions of the web application preconfigured. The required features are integrated into the user's own application via API and adapted to individual requirements. The user retains control over code and data. The magic word: Feature-as-a-Service.

This is where ROQ differs from low-code and no-code platforms. These are closely tied to the respective provider, difficult to scale and more relevant for smaller applications.

The ROQ Suite combines the modular approach of low-code platforms and translates it into professional web app development. The focus is on the greatest possible flexibility and control by the user.

Gründerszene | Former Rocket CTOs cash in millions for their app construction kit
Gründerszene | Former Rocket CTOs cash in millions for their app construction kit

Funding: The $10 million idea

This feature-as-a-service principle saves development time while ensuring that state-of-the-art technology and standards are used. In short, ROQ makes it possible to develop web applications faster, better and at the same time more cost-effectively.

A potential that can also be measured in numbers. Flash Ventures, a VC that specializes in early-stage funding, provided ROQ with over $10 million in capital in June 2021.

You can read more about it in the Gründerszene article: Ehemalige Rocket-CTOs kassieren Millionen für ihren App-Baukasten, which appeared in WELT Online on June 16, 2021.

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