Alphalist Interview with Fabian Wesner

ROQ Founder Fabian Wesner talks in alphalist podcast about his experience

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In an interview with the Alphalist podcast, host Tobias Schlottke talks to Fabian about his global projects with Rocket Internet, the exciting time at Spryker and the cumulative experience from three developed e-commerce systems. With this experience in tow, ROQ was founded.

A new online-shop every week - the company's own shop-system makes it possible

At Rocket Internet, online stores were rolled out every week in the early 2010s. To ensure that this worked smoothly, the company developed its own store system, which internally replaced Magento. The Rocket Internet store system "Alice+Bob" was launched.

This was followed by the next iteration, "Yves+Zed," which was further developed at Project A. This ultimately gave rise to Spryker, still one of the leading e-commerce systems on the market.

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Why are there no modular web app systems?

There are ready-made store systems for every online store, from sole traders to corporate groups. Companies without direct sales do not have the same luxury. Web applications that depict more complex business models than an online store have always been developed from scratch up to now.

For E-Commerce, there are a lot of systems available. You can use Spryker, you can use Shopify. But if you build something that is not e-commerce, there is nothing like this. So, let's imagine you build the next car sharing service - you would probably start by selecting a programming language."
Fabian Wesner in alphalist podcast

In an online store, no one would ever think of developing the login function or the shopping cart from scratch - after all, they have been developed thousands of times over the years, and there are established best practices. Although this basic principle also applies to web applications, this attitude has not yet become established in the development of web applications.

You can listen to the whole episode on the alphalist website.

Ruby vs PHP vs JavaSkript - What Should Your Next App Be Built On?
Ruby vs PHP vs JavaSkript - What Should Your Next App Be Built On?

Decision for JavaScript is a decision for quality

For the ROQ Suite, the decision fell on JavaScript, both in the frontend and in the backend. Two points were decisive here. Firstly, the fact that web applications - compared to online stores - are rather UI-heavy, which is largely the domain of JavaScript. On the other hand, the reduction of complexity that full-stack development with JavaScript brings with it. Full-stack and frontend developers with JavaScript experience, for example, have a basic understanding of the other trade by virtue of their previous education.


In the Hackernoon article "Ruby vs PHP vs JavaScript - What Should Your Next App Be Built On?", published in tandem with the Alphalist podcast, you can read the full text.


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