How ROQ can boost your B2B SaaS application

In B2B Software-as-a-Service, customers access your software online and usually pay a regular subscription fee. Data security and multi-tenancy are often crucial. That's why with ROQ, you can serve multiple customers with a single instance of your application. Our extensible, developer-friendly UI components and APIs are built for these unique needs.

The most crucial feature of B2B SaaS is multi-tenancy which means you group your users into accounts. The account defines the main boundaries of what your users can see and do, and it's also used for your billing system. Your business customers will pay for your service based on the units you define, for example, on a per-user or usage base. So, inside one account, you can have more user groups like teams, departments, or business units. Often user groups are represented as hierarchical structures. For example, teams can belong to business units, which then belong to accounts.

You can also define the functions of users. For example, users can be administrators, writers, editors, managers, drivers, or whatever you have in your business domain.

You can define what users can do in your SaaS application based on these user groups. Which data can be accessed or edited, and which actions can be performed.

Besides multi-tenancy, almost every B2B SaaS application uses advanced authentication functionality. For example, users can log in using a password, social logins, multi-factor authentication, etc. Another common feature is a chat system that allows your users to communicate with each other. You also need an advanced notification system with in-app notifications, push-messaged, e-mails, and SMS.

All of this is provided by ROQ using customizable UI components and a headless Feature-as-a-Service backend that provides GraphQL APIs and SDKs for the most common use cases.