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ROQ offers advanced features to level up every SaaS application. The built-in multi-tenant architecture is especially relevant for B2B applications where every "customer" is represented by an entire organization with multiple users, each having a different access level.


Serving several customers from the same codebase, database, and production deployment is standard for most B2B SaaS applications.

Instead of having thousands of individual users as single tenants, you set up organizations as the main entity (tenant). This allows you to bill per organization and enables your users to organize their teams and invite colleagues.

One logical instance to serve all your customers

Set application permissions and associations

Leverage a variety of roles, security settings, and configurations

Feature Details

Authentication and Access Management for B2B SaaS

With ROQ, new tenants (organizations) are created during the signup of new users. Then users can invite other users to the same tenant. In addition, you can define roles & permissions to control what each user can see and do.

Allow your customers to create their own team hierarchies

Predefine user permissions and rights associated with team memberships

Complete isolation of data into tenants

Feature Details

User Roles

Facilitate user functions to define different levels of granularity and permission logics for your customers.
Allow customers to create own unique user functions
Set rules for permissions and access rights based on user functions
Map every possible unique organisational structure


Coming Soon

Pricing and subscription need to be unique and individual like your customers. Stay flexible with our subscription management and bill the way that fits your business.

Utilise a subscription plan editor to meet your individual needs

Use the tax calculation to stay on top of your finances

Integrate Payment Service Providers (Stripe, PayPal, Adyen, etc.)

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