About Us

ROQ is the solution that we were missing ourselves

As a developer, you intuitively want to build everything yourself. However, once you see how complex and easy things can be, you want to use existing functionality whenever possible.

ROQ enables you to deliver an awesome SaaS app by providing the needed features. You can use our features within hours – with depth and quality; you would not be able to build yourself. Facilitating the work of fellow engineers is what drives us!

Fabian Wesner, Co-Founder ROQ Technology

On the mission to improve the work of fellow developers 🤘

Tim Niemeier
Fabian Wesner
Praveen Koka
VP Engineering
Nikolay Savin
Lead Architect
Irakli Bochorishvili
Director Product

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Meet the founders

ROQ was founded in 2020 by Tim Niemeier and Fabian Wesner, two experienced CTOs and the remaining team joined shortly thereafter.
Tim left his CTO position at Rocket Internet and Global Founders Capital to start ROQ. Earlier in his career, Tim was a freelancing CTO delivering large-scale IT innovation projects for startups and enterprises.

Fabian co-founded and built the tech side of Spryker Systems, one of the leading commerce solutions in the market. Earlier, he was CTO at Rocket Internet and Project A.