Turn your web app into a fully-fledged SaaS application

Ready-to-use UI components and APIs for all essential features you need to build your SaaS application

ROQ leverages ready-to-use UI components with API's that provide you with all the features necessary for your application.


Advanced authentication features in a matter of minutes.

Leverage state-of-the-art authentication and authorization to enhance your application with SSO, MFA, and password forgotten. Offer your users more security and less friction.

User Management

A user management that puts your customers first.

From sign-up through purchase, create a great experience for both you and your users. Set up individual user profiles, including avatars, time-zones, and language preferences.

User Groups

A modern user group management to structure accounts, teams, and organizations.

Our APIs and UI components allow you to set up user groups and their individual functions according to your business logic.

Access Management

A smart access management to define access roles for your users.

Set rules, which user is allowed to retrieve relevant data, tools, or ressources. Our UI components and APIs will allow you to expand your authorization capabilities and act on access rights and permissions for individuals or groups.

File Management

Drag & drop uploader and file handling API.

To upload, alter, and distribute any file into your SaaS application, leverage an easy to use file uploader and powerful APIs.


Your in-app notifications and mailing out of the box.

Our notification feature let's you send notifications to single users or user groups via various channels. Key channels encompass Push, In-App, and Email. Users can manage their own preferences. You can trigger notifications from your app via our GraphQL APIs.

Real-Time Chat

Build a real-time in-app chat that is secure and scalable.

With our SDKs and APIs for messaging, voice, and video calling you can set up an in-app chat in hours not weeks.


Translate your entire SaaS application with ease.

Easily manage all your translations and offer multi-language right from the start to make your solution available to a broader audience.