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Build an awesome web application faster than ever

Start building your next web application immediately. Code your business logic on top of a powerful kickstarter app with all essential features you need. You own the code and maintain full flexibility to develop what makes your business awesome.

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ROQ is your solution to build an awesome web application

Every web application needs the same essentials. We offer them out of the box. So don’t waste time developing commodities but use ROQ to immediately build what makes your web application stand out.


Kickstarter App

Start your web application with the fully functional and customizable Kickstarter App. The frontend offers a modern UI and is perfectly aligned with the backend. Our Code Generator enables you to quickly create fully working GraphQL APIs for your application. Use this state of the art tech-stack or build the application on your own. — Learn more

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ROQ Platform

Headless Feature-as-a-Service

All essential features are perfectly integrated and allow you to start using them on day 1 of your project. Easily tailor them to your needs with our admin interface ROQ Console. You can use our Kickstarter App or connect your individually built application to the features via a GraphQL API. — Learn more

ROQ Cloud (beta)

Infrastructure and Hosting

With our serverless environment, you can get started with zero configuration efforts and operate on a highly reliable, scalable and secure infrastructure. From the beginning, you have a proven CI / CD pipeline ready for your deployments. Save costly devops resources and scale with ease. — Learn more

Release 90% of your resources to focus on what makes your web application stand out

Every web application needs the same essentials. We offer them out of the box. So don’t waste time developing commodities but use ROQ to immediately build what makes your web application stand out. 

Develop from scratch


days saved to build a great web application

Kickstarter Application

Responsive user interface, code generator, demo data, data tables and so much more.

User Management

Including registration, DOI, SSO, password reset, and more

Message Center

Build emails based on templates and allow your users to chat in your application


Easy integration of multi-locate, multi-language, and multi-currency


In-app notifications, email notifications, and setting individual notification preferences

File Management

Definition of file types, categories, private vs. public etc.


Build on elastic for the most powerful search in the business

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Subscription and payment

Configure your plans, connect to checkout, billing, etc.


CI/CD pipeline, environments, automatic scaling, backups

Your code, your data, your freedom to build amazing web applications

Pick what you need
Use the Kickstarter App, the features and the cloud infrastructure, or just pick what you like. You are free to choose.
Enjoy full flexibility
Tailor ROQ’s features to your needs or develop them from scratch. Integrate any third party provider. It’s your decision.
Own your code and data
Everything you develop belongs to you. Period. All your data is always accessible.

Faster time to market means faster time to success

Getting your product out into the world is critical for your business. With ROQ you build on a proven tech-stack and prebuilt basic features to start writing the code that makes your app unique immediately.

Start quickly

Start with the initial setup in place and save valuable time.

Without technical debt

Avoid technical debt from the first days.

Ready to scale

ROQ is built with scaling in mind. This way, your application is ready to scale on day 1.

Our customers shine with their web applications

Voly - Australian Quick Commerce
Building a Sequoia-funded quick commerce startup with ROQ
Speed matters: The Australian startup build a food delivery app in a very short time with ROQ.
Delivery Platform
Quick Commerce
Flexcavo rental
Flexcavo - Rent construction machinery in real-time
Customized platform for ConTech startup by ROQ
German construction sites have hardly been digitized to date - Flexcavo aimes to change this.
Construction Tech
Helm logo
An individual customer portal with ROQ
Improved customer experience - provided at the agreed time and within the set budget.
Customer Portal
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