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Fabian Wesner

Fabian Wesner.

CTO & Lead Engineer

Fabian, a seasoned CTO and tech entrepreneur, is renowned for co-founding Spryker, an acclaimed ecommerce platform hailed as a Visionary in the Gartner Magic Quadrant. He previously served as CTO at Project A Ventures and Rocket Internet, offering technical expertise to over 20 startups. With a background in computer science from Berlin, he has been a passionate CTO, tech lead, and software engineer since 1998.

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Tim Niemeier

Tim Niemeier.

Product, UI&UX, Team Building

Tim is an accomplished entrepreneur with a history of scaling ventures for companies like Rocket Internet and Project A, as well as independently, and has successfully sold two of his ventures to Telefonica and Delticom. He excels in transforming ideas into products, suitable for both stand-alone applications and integration into various enterprise infrastructures. His extensive project experience includes work with major corporations like Swisscom, Bosch, Metro AG, and several prominent startups and private equity firms.

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Solution Design


Software Development

We are passionate developers who aim for practical solutions. We understand the best practices, principles, and patterns in software development and know when to apply them (or not). We prefer to reuse existing open-source or commercial frameworks whenever possible instead of building everything from scratch.

UI/UX Design



Customer Portals
Ambitious e-commerce is Tim's and my home territory. I co-founded and architected Spryker, an enterprise-level e-commerce solution used by big companies like Hilti, Siemens Healthineers, Toyota, and many others. Gartner recognizes Spryker as a Visionary in the Magic Quadrant. My co-founder Tim has been responsible for IT due diligences, product launches, and IT rollouts for DAX companies and startups such as Bosch Rexroth, Home24, Swisscom, and Private Equities. Together, we managed the re-launch of the international B2B trader shop of Metro AG.
Refercence: Metro AG. Launch of Metro’s Trader Shop based on Spryker


Exceptional Expertise

ROQ boasts three decades of IT expertise. Our experience spans from launching startups with Rocket Internet's factory to supporting Metro AG's large-scale Trader shop re-platforming and architecting Spryker, a Gartner Magic Quadrant visionary e-commerce solution. At ROQ, we leverage this extensive experience of the two founders in every project, supported by our carefully selected team of IT experts.



Technical Minds