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Enrich the functionality of your web application by integrating ROQ's ready-to-use User Management, Billing, and Communication features.

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ROQ provides fully-functional building blocks as UI components and APIs. Ready to be integrated seamlessly into your web application.

Authentication & User Management

Enhance your application with smooth signup, social sign-ins with Google and Facebook, user invites, and much more. Offer your users more security and less friction.


In B2B SaaS applications, all users are usually grouped into tenants. Each of your business customers is represented as a tenant. The related users and all the data are fully isolated.

Access Management

Access management in SaaS applications refers to controlling who can access the application and what actions they can perform. With ROQ's access management, you can define roles, assign them to your users, set up permissions, and enforce them on your application.


ROQ's notifications enable you to notify your users in real-time on various channels, like in-app, SMS, push messages, and traditional e-mails. Users can define their preferences for every type of notification. For instance, alerts can be retrieved via push message, while product updates are delivered via e-mail.


ROQ’s chat system is a fully-fledged messaging interface that lets your app’s users chat in real-time. The chat UI components provide a rich-text editor for messages and also enable file uploads.

File Management

ROQ provides a complete solution for file management, including a fully-functional UI component for drag&drop uploads and an advanced API to manage public or private files.


Translate your entire SaaS application with ease. Easily manage all your translations and offer multi-language right from the start to make your solution available to a broader audience.

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